FT Victor is a generative typeface born out of an algorithm which randomises a letter-form based on 4 different fonts, taking elements from each. The project was speculative based, taking influence from science fiction and the current scientific advancements which are the subject of concern and fear.

In Mary Shelley’s Gothic novel - Frankenstein, a scientist, haunted by the death of his mother wants to re-animate a corpse, giving life to the dead. The ‘monster’ as it is often referred to as, ends up being disowned by the scientist who hates his creation and regrets his decision to have toyed with human life in this way. The scientist later seeks to kill the monster after losing control over him. 

The story raises lots of moral questions over ‘playing god’ and is allegorical of much of the scientific research that was happening at the time when Shelley was writing her novel. Today, the novel is often referred to when the morality of scientific research is brought into question.

Currently, we are faced with exciting but frightening prospects. Advancements in areas such as artificial intelligence and genetic engineering could offer prosperity like never before, and yet we fear what might become of these advancements, if they are pushed too far.

In a notion reminiscent to that in Frankenstein, we fear what may happen if we lose control of our own creations. FT Victor is a typographic manifestation of this fear, as the program will generate a random letter form, crudely placing together parts of letters, much like Victor Frankenstein did with the monster’s body. And so, the ‘creator’ loses control over what shape the letter-form will take.

The letters appear almost like how artificial intelligence would approach designing a letter - understanding what makes up a letter but lacking the humanistic aspect, which gives a letter-form style and beauty. The project raises questions about humanity’s need for technological advancement, by referring to the debate around AI and genetic engineering, and the moral and ethical questions that surround it.

FT Victor is very much a reflection of the exciting, but uncertain times we live in.